Bad Girls Club Season 10 Reunion Part 1

So I just watched the first part of the reunion. Season 10 had to be the worst season in Bad Girls history. Mostly because Valentina and Alicia. Two ” girls ” who couldn’t fight, bullied the weak, and contradicted everything they said. I have to say I’ve been a fan of Tanisha’s but I’m mad at the fact that when Shannon finally sticks up for herself, everybody’s still calling her ” weak ” when all she did was give Valentina a dose of her own medicine. Plus, in the beginning of the episode Valentina was talking about surprising Shannon with an ” attack ” but just because Shannon beats her to it, she’s the bad guy. Bunch of BS. That whole cast was full of it.

Paula (BGC’s Hype Man)- All big talk…….very annoying. Had so much respect for her in the beginning but a real woman doesn’t have to scream at the top of her lungs to get her point across.

Stephanie- BORING

Nancy (Still can’t get past the ” string ” thing)- That girl thinks she’s bad but was talking about Valentina and Alicia on twitter calling them fake prior to the reunion but tries to go at Shannon when she went after Valentina, trying to get behind the curtain where they were holding Shannon back. Girl you are fake, sit down, and go learn how to speak correct english.

Shannon - She’s against bullying and took Rocky under her wing when the rest gave her the cold shoulder.

Valentina - Psycho bully who talks alot of crap but can’t hold her own when they bring it to her. Why is everybody feeling sorry for her now.

Alicia - It kills to hear this girl talk. She was another weak bully who got mad that the person she jumped for no reason got revenge, like wtf.

Jenn - Immature brat with a voice that was almost as annoying as Alicia’s. Kept messing with Rocky for no reason. I believe she was jealous because no one can honestly hate you that much when they don’t know you. I was so happy when she got sent home after she got BEAT up.

Rocky - A little trashy but I can’t lie, I love her. She didn’t hate anyone for no reason. She held her own the whole time. She spoke her mind and didn’t really try to be best friends with everyone like everybody else.

Nicole - My ultimate favorite. I do not think she was weak for leaving, Valentina kept picking with her and she wasn’t even really doing anything. She stood up for what she believed in and she doesn’t care what peple think.

Janae - I felt bad for the way they did her and wish she had stood up for herself more but she had a drinking problem and got really annoying when she got drunk. Hope she redeems herself.

I remember when the show first came out, I’ve watched it on and off since then, mainly to see what I don’t want to be like. But watching the show, I see how you shouldn’t let petty things get to you, fighting is not the answer, it’s important to stick up for yourself, think before you do something, and don’t judge before you get to know someone. I wouldn’t call myself a ” fan ” but I just had to say something because I don’t understand how everyone could be against Valentina the WHOLE show, then flip at the reunion.

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